Audio Engineering & Production: $50/hr
(includes engineer)

Graphic Design: $50/hr

NOTE: We No Longer offer CD/DVD Duplication services in house; but we can still help get your layout together and get you to the right folks.

*Clients recording full albums are responsible for purchasing their own hard drives, and backup HDs.

Note:  USB Flash Drives also work nicely these days.

A word to the wise…Many folks try to record a bunch of tunes for a little money (a whole album in a day).
Those who take their time on fewer songs within a session, usually come out with favorable results due to a clearer focus, & better time & care spent on each song.

We understand budget is the ultimate factor, but those who break up an album’s worth of songs into smaller sessions, ultimately end up with less days booked overall; to fix things due to potential oversights. Thus, in the end, spending considerably less than the folks who tried to fill an 80 minute CD in a weekend.

So remember, don’t try to do too much at once. We have seen this sort of thing happen again and again, and spoken this little “tidbit” of wisdom upon many a “deaf ear”  just use it as you see fit.